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Read through incredible journeys and stories our learners have, and how The Career Academy helped them achieve their dreams.

Man Looking Right

Cameron Young set up his very own Dog Grooming Service

The difference with Cam's Dog Grooming service is that “…he is fully mobile so he can go to his customers house and groom dogs at his customers house instead of having the customer having to bring the dog to the groomer”. So it allows for say elderly people who don't have possibly such time to go to a Groomers. Cam can go to them and groom their dog for them.

Cam is fully self-sufficient. He has a full grooming table, hydro-bath, hot water for the dogs, so they can all get bathed. He even has his own power! So he doesn’t have to utilise anyone else's power.

Cam completed a Diploma in Dog Grooming with The Career Academy which has enabled him to learn how to look after the dogs a bit better. Cam is a dog lover - watch his story here:

Hiromi finds the best of both worlds

Despite being an Auckland girl through and through, she spent a short stint in Rarotonga before starting school, and lived in London for a couple of years teaching and nannying.

"After having a couple of kids of my own, I decided I wanted a career change and had a general interest in Bookkeeping"

Hiromi says. So, she decided to switch her career from helping raise kids to helping raise revenue with The Career Academy's Certificate in Bookkeeping.

For Hiromi, the flexibility of study at The Career Academy made all of the difference. "I liked being able to do the entire course at home, my daughter was only 10 weeks at the time, so I appreciated having the flexibility to study within my own pace. I could choose which days I wanted to commit to study - so I was able to balance study with my personal life." Studying when, where and how she liked meant that Hiromi didn't have to choose between the life she had and the life she wanted to achieve for herself.

And once Hiromi reach the end of her course - her hard work paid off! She took advantage of The Career Academy's Career Centre, a service built to help students find their dream role after graduating. She spotted a bookkeeping role with The Back Office Company, applied for it, and got the job!

"I am really enjoying the challenge of something new." Hiromi says of her new position as a bookkeeper. "I am able to establish a new career around the kids and it fits in really well with family life. A new challenge is always good! I really appreciate the support from The Back Office Company - they have really helped me progress into this role and without the support it wouldn't be possible for me to do this role."

Hiromi is taking the first steps in her new career - and you can too. The Certificate in Bookkeeping will let you become a certified bookkeeper in just 10 weeks, putting you on the path to work as a bookkeeper, or start your own bookkeeping business. You'll also get access to the MYOB partner program, and get six months free access to MYOB, and receive the Official Xero Advisor Certification on completion.

Kirstin takes her next step, and now helps others take theirs

It was during the first COVID Lockdown that Kirstin started thinking seriously about what she wanted to do. Like all of us, she found herself with a lot of free time on her hands. But instead of spending the time sitting in front of the TV, she had a long hard think about her passions, talents, and life experience. Ultimately, she ended up asking the big question… What is my future going to look like? The answer? Helping others achieve their dreams. And the best way to achieve it was through life coaching.

"I wanted to help people on a deeper level. Help people accomplish their dreams, their goals"

she says. Kirstin knew where she wanted to be, but what she needed was a path to get there, and the solution presented itself in the form of The Career Academy.

After looking at a number of different study options, The Career Academy jumped out as the options for flexible online education meant that she could continue to work while learning. She enrolled in the Certificate in Life Coaching, as well as the Diploma in Psychology & Counselling, as the Online courses covered a wide range of topics including principles of life coaching, change management, ethics, counselling skills and techniques, and the fundamentals of setting up a life coaching business.

Very quickly, Kirstin realised she made the right choice. "I found the courses and the layout of the modules to be very good, and the tutor's feedback was great." she says, "and with being self-employed I could work easily around my studies as well."

After finishing her Online course - Kirstin went on to found Take the Next Step, a life coaching business built on helping people embark on their own journeys of success and helping them navigate their way forward. "Whether it is going through a transitioning phase of life, finding a new career pathway, to dealing with relationships or relationship separation."

She prioritises a calm, relaxed, and holistic approach when it comes to her practice, an approach drawing on her natural temperament and reinforced by her studies at The Career Academy.
As for the next steps, Kirstin is going to focus on building Take the Next Step and helping people find their way forwards in life, and hopes that someday soon it will be her full time job. Outside of that, she says that there might even be some more study on the cards for the future.

You can see all of the amazing things that Kirstin is achieving at Take the Next Step. If you would like to follow in her footsteps you can study the Certificate in Life Coaching which teaches you the fundamentals of life coaching and helping others achieve their own success.

A new odyssey in accounting

The Greeks are no strangers to an Odyssey, but George started one of his own when he uprooted from Greece and moved his family halfway across the world in 2012. "I think the transition has been easier for our boys than for my wife and I." he says. "They're younger and they're surrounded by English-speakers at school every day. They often correct our English - but that's good, it helps us improve even more!"

With more than 20 years professional experience as a Dentist, George found that his Greek qualifications weren't recognized globally, and that re-qualifying would be like pulling teeth - literally. Instead of dealing with the arduous, lengthy, and expensive process of re-qualifying, George decided to take his first tentative steps in a new career.

At first, George was considering a career in tourism, but considering that "I'm not in my twenties anymore," and that he had a proven record of business acumen, he instead opted to begin a career in accountancy. Attending polytechnic was not appealing; it was more costly than online learning, and would seriously cut into the hours where George could be earning an income.

So, he searched online and found The Career Academy's Certificate in Accounting. From his first phone call, it was obvious George had made the right choice. Amy (his one-on-one student advisor) was patient and kind on the telephone, carefully answering his questions, explaining how online learning would look (you can see it for yourself here), and letting him know he'd be supported every step of the way.

Studying around his temporary job at a fast-food restaurant, George successfully completed the 140 hour course in just seven weeks. George's online experience at The Career Academy was so good, he decided to take a second course, this time in the Diploma in Accounting, which expands on the core concepts he learned while studying the Certificate. Ultimately, George has his sights set on becoming an Accounting Technician, and he likely won't be far away with the certificate's endorsement by the International Association of Accounting Professionals. The course also includes up to six months access to MYOB and allows students to receive the official Xero Advisor Certification, so George will be well equipped with the tools of the trade.

George's Odyssey is far from over, but if you want to follow in his footsteps check out the Certificate or Diploma in Accounting and you can get started immediately.

Nikki Takes the Wheel in Her New Career

Nikki has been a rally co-driver for many years, sitting in the co-pilot seat of her father's car. Recently she bought a rally car of her own, which will let her step into the driver's seat. But the racetrack isn't the only place that Nikki is taking the wheel.

In her quest for a more fulfilling career, Nikki chose to study at The Career Academy. 'The team at The Career Academy really know how to support and guide people towards their goals.' Nikki says. Every student at The Career Academy receives one-on-one time with one of our student advisors prior to enrolling, unlimited tutor support when they're working through their course, and access to the Career Centre after they graduate to help them find their dream job.

Eventually, she completed the Certificate in Accounts Administration and Payroll , the Certificate in Accounting , and the Diploma in Accounting .

Not only did these courses let her learn the tools of the trade in a flexible online learning environment, but they also gave her the invaluable industry accreditations that make the difference when it comes to getting offered a job over another candidate. Through her course, Nikki was able to become a fully qualified Accounting Technician, as well as gain membership to the Institute of Public Accountants.

With these qualifications under her belt (or rather her helmet), Nikki went on the job hunt. With her skills, it wasn't long before she was able to find a job at Robinson Interiors, which provides fit outs for super yachts. Between her new role and the rally car driving Nikki is making a life of working with vehicles that most of us would only dream of. Her day-to-day involves daily office management, Acting as PA to the CEO, as well as performing the main financial functions for the business, all thanks to the skills she learned at The Career Academy.

The team at The Career Academy were so impressed with her skills that we went on to offer her a job as an Accounting Tutor which proved a great fit, as Nikki was able to offer sage advice as a former student. There's nothing more rewarding than being able to focus on helping people along their own educational journey.

Nikki wasn't the first former student who went on become a tutor, and she certainly won't be the last. If you want to follow in her footsteps, you can enrol in the Certificate in Accounting to learn the fundamentals of accounting, and then go on to the Diploma in Accounting to learn even more advanced skills.

Christine overcomes challenges to step into her dream career

For many years, Christine has dealt with significant health issues, but she doesn't let them get in the way of her eagerness to learn. Over the years, she has taken various word processing, computing and administration courses, and become a proficient audio typist who is able to work from home.

But that wasn't enough for Christine - she wanted to further advance her skills. So, she searched online and found The Career Academy. After she had a conversation with one of our one-on-one career advisors about her goals and aspirations, she knew that The Career Academy was the right choice to help her reach them. Ultimately, she enrolled in the Certificate in Medical Reception , which would give her the skills to become a certified medical receptionist in only 10 weeks.

From her prior education experience, Christine was 'used to textbooks and lecturers.' But with The Career Academy's flexible online learning, she knew things were going to be a little different. 'I was on my own, receiving my assignments through the website.' At first, she was a little nervous that not interacting with tutors face-to-face was going to be a difficult adjustment, but it wasn't long before she discovered that online learning was a breeze. 'I quickly realised that my tutors were nothing like the fierce and overbearing teachers from my school days! These were professional businesspeople who really were there to help.' As she continued to receive positive feedback on her assignments her confidence started to grow.

As Christine worked her way through her course, she started to discover benefits outside of what was in the content. 'I'm definitely more confident using the Internet now, which means I can be more proactive searching for contracts and, therefore, increase my workload.'

Helen, Christine's mentor, reports seeing a huge change in Christine since she completed her certificate. 'She's had this glow, like a spring in her step!' smiles Helen. 'Being respected and having her skills recognised has been a great boost for Christine. The value of improved self-esteem and self-confidence can't really be overstated.'

As for her advice for future students, Christine only has one thing to say:

'Feel the fear, and just go for it!'

Christine studied the Certificate in Medical Reception , developed to teach you the skills involved in running a medical practice in only 10 weeks. It also includes a training guide for Medtech, one of the common pieces of software used in medical practices.

Stepping into a New Career in Bookkeeping

Samantha was doing volunteer work when she heard about The Career Academy. After looking at our website, she decided it was time to make the leap and she enrolled in the Certificate in Bookkeeping.

As a mum of two, the ability to work to her own schedule was Samantha's number one priority when it came to studying. 'I really enjoyed that I could complete the course at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. As a single mum, it is essential that I have flexibility when studying and the career academy provided me with this.' she says.

After six short months, Samantha graduated from her course and quickly found work as an Office Manager. 'The course at The Career Academy allowed me to transition to working in my desired field.' Samantha says.

But despite all of her success - she's not content to rest on her laurels!

'I am very committed to furthering my own career and utilising the skills I have learned to make an impact in my industry and my time at The Career Academy has given me the confidence to work towards opening my own business.'

Being able to balance the needs of her career with the needs of being a mum let Samantha kickstart her career in Bookkeeping. It's The Career Academy's goal to make sure that while you are working your way towards the life you want, you can still live the life that you have to the fullest, and our team of tutors and student advisors will be there every step of the way.

As for Samantha's advice to anyone looking to change their lives as she did? 'If You Believe You Can, You Can!'

If you want to kickstart your career in bookkeeping as Samantha did, the AAT Qualified Bookkeepers Pathway is designed to start with the fundamentals of bookkeeping and work through to the beginning of your bookkeeping career. It also includes six months of access to MYOB & access to the Official Xero Advisor Certification.

Janet's Dog Days aren't over

Janet was a stay-at-home mum until a friend made her an offer she couldn't refuse. She wanted Janet to come and work with her in her dog grooming salon, but before Janet got her hands on the tools of the trade, she knew it would be invaluable to get some study under her belt to bring her skills and theoretical knowledge up to date.

So Janet jumped online, searched for dog grooming courses, and found The Career Academy.

She worked her way through the Diploma in Dog Grooming, which covers both general care of our furry friends, as well as an in-depth view of grooming itself.

'It's a great course, very informative and I do feel like I am learning heaps, it's helped me understand the industry better and expand my existing knowledge about different dog breeds, coats, and skin conditions. It's also helping me to learn what to do and what not to do when working closely with dogs. Every dog is different and it can be a challenge.' Janet says.

Before her course even ended, Janet landed her dream role at a friend's dog grooming salon. The practical experience that she is getting on the job is allowing her to take her knowledge from the course even further.

'I feel like I have found my passion, I've gone from working in a pathology office to now hanging out with some super cute dogs!' Janet's journey is far from over, and she has big plans to take her career even further. Ultimately, she hopes to help expand her friend's business to include mobile grooming, a must-have for many clients in today's busy world.

Janet studied the Diploma in Dog Grooming, this 200-hour course is designed to give you the skills you need to handle and groom both dogs and other pets.

Joanne's simple idea begins her future in coaching!

Joanne's journey started with a simple idea - a community-based bicycle workshop to give kids and adolescents a safe place to come to and learn a skill, develop their creativity, and give them guidance and direction to help them on their journey in life.

Joanne knew that she wanted to study to make the bicycle workshop the best it could be, but she lived in a small town, so traditional brick-and-mortar education wasn't going to be an option for her unless she wanted to spend half her day commuting to and from campus.

With that in mind - she took to the internet and found The Career Academy, which offered her the flexibility to study when, where, and how she wanted, without the hassle of having to commute every day. The Diploma in Psychology was exactly what she was looking for, so she enrolled and got started right away. Almost immediately, she found that The Career Academy was the right choice for her.

'The tutors gave me nothing but encouragement, praise, and constructive criticism where it was needed which helped me learn and grow as the course went on. I also knew that if needed I could reach out to other students doing the same course for tips or advice as the support was there.' Joanne says.

Less than a year later, Joanne found herself graduating with flying colours. But this wasn't enough for her, she wanted to continue her education journey. With that in mind, she moved on to the Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychological Development so she could 'further my education, knowledge, and ability to start implementing why I wanted to study these courses in the first place.' Her next step is training to become a Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching.

With everything she's doing, it sounds like Joanne isn't going to be spinning her wheels - even though she'll be running a bike workshop!

Carol has her new Career Cooking

'It was just perfect for people like me who're trying to juggle work, family life, and study.'

Carol Ramachandran rushes through the restaurant door, sits down at the table and apologises for being a few minutes late. She is the mother of four children, in full-time employment, and helps run the family's new restaurant, Mulan. She has given up her lunch hour to chat about how, amongst all her other commitments, she recently made the time to successfully complete her Certificate in Bookkeeping.

Carol and her husband James (Mulan's head chef) emigrated from Penang, Malaysia in 2001. She was an extremely experienced and competent financial administrator, having set up and run systems for tax, payroll, reconciliation, stock flow, and profit and loss. She had several certificates in accounting and business studies, notably from the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI Malaysia) and the Association of Business Executives (ABE).

In spite of all this, Carol felt she needed a local qualification, one which potential future employers would immediately recognise and value. Initially, she signed up for a degree in accounting at university. However, she quickly realised that for her at least, this was not a great option. The cost was high, it was very time intensive, and she says she felt as though she was studying merely to pass exams rather than to put the knowledge into practical everyday usage. With her husband working long and unpredictable hours, attending scheduled classes away from home was just too hard. 'I passed the Finance paper, but I honestly thought I'd be lucky to finish the whole course by the time I retired!' remarks Carol. 'It just didn't suit my lifestyle.'

Having found The Career Academy via Google, Carol immediately felt better. The cost was reasonable, and the interest-free payment plan was very appealing. She also liked the flexibility of studying online at home.

Achieving her certificate has given Carol a new level of confidence. As well as a better overall understanding of today's accounting systems, she feels more self-assured at work and knows that she can genuinely support the family business.

But Carol's journey isn't over. Ultimately, she would like to become an Accounting Technician, so she is continuing her incredible juggling act and has signed up for the Accounting Pathway Program.

The Accounting Pathway Program is a comprehensive 400-hour course built from the ground up to take you from having no knowledge of accounting to attaining a Certificate Accounting Technician status and becoming a full member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Hannah balances work and studies to unlock her bright future

Hannah was in her final year of high school, and like many of us, struggling to figure out what she wanted to do with her future. 'I was working part-time at a restaurant and was extremely lost with what I wanted to do.' She says.

Hannah discovered The Career Academy through the recommendation of a friend and decided to enrol. 'I chose The Career Academy because the wide variety of courses they have to offer was extremely appealing and exactly what I was looking for.' It wasn't just the range of choices that appealed to Hannah - studying online meant that she was able to be in control of her study rather than her schedule being dictated by a fixed timetable.

'I also liked the structure and flexibility the courses provided, the level of independence the courses allowed was something I really enjoyed about TCA. It meant I was able to work on my time management skills and be in control of my schedule. I liked how well the course was outlined and that it was easy to understand. Another plus was the use of forums, as this meant I could engage with other students.'

The flexibility that The Career Academy offered also meant that Hannah was able to continue working throughout her studies. 'Studying at The Career Academy meant I was able to balance work and study well. At the time, I was waitressing at night and on the weekend, but The Career Academy's course structure meant I could study at times that suited my schedule best.'

It didn't take long after completing her course for Hannah to land a new job. 'I was given the opportunity to work as a sales administrator for a local packaging company. The knowledge gained from my course has certainly helped in my sales administration role. It gave me a great insight into the administration world, and helped make the transition into this role extremely smooth.'

Hannah's journey is far from over, and she's now decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Business to continue her career journey. 'Completing my course with The Career Academy straight out of school was one of the best decisions I could have made. It was such a good start to my career and really helped me find what I was passionate about.'

Hannah studied the Certificate in Reception & Office Support - a comprehensive 10-week course designed to give you the skills to kickstart your reception career including effective business communication, customer service, health and safety, and an introduction to Microsoft Word.

Supermum Sabrina juggles studying and raising a baby

Sabrina had just had a baby when she found The Career Academy. Newborns typically don't work on a 9-5 schedule, so neither could Sabrina. But it was more than the flexibility of learning that attracted her to online study. 'I felt like there was a clear outcome with what I could do with The Career Academy's courses. For me, it wasn't just about studying something, it was about what I would get out of this once I completed my course.' Sabrina says.

Almost immediately, it was the AAT Accounting Technician Pathway Program that caught her eye. 'It offered me the accounting theory that I needed, with the option to add "Accounting Technician" status to my name, along with applying all my theoretical knowledge into practice through the use of accounting software such as Xero. It was also a lot more value for money than other courses I had researched.'

Sabrina had some worries that online learning would feel isolating compared to more traditional on-campus study, but luckily her fears were quickly relieved. 'Studying through The Career Academy was very different to my previous experiences, in that, you feel like you are not alone. I've found other online distance learning to be very one-sided with the student fully responsible for their achievements. The Career Academy literally walk with you through your journey and answer questions and provide guidance when needed.'

'It was great not to have set dates for assessment submissions.' She goes on to say. 'I had just had a baby and so my days and weeks were different. I could not develop a set routine to stick to, so it was great to be able to fit it in when I could. I would often read the content from my phone while waiting for doctors' appointments etc., and then when I had time, I would climb onto the computer and complete the exercises and quizzes.'

Sabrina originally planned to become an Accounting Assistant once she had finished her course, but as with many things in life, her career ended up taking an unexpected twist. Today, Sabrina is working in The Career Academy's very own tutor team. 'I loved being at TCA so much that I decided to work here instead!' Now Sabrina spends her days helping other students on their education journey, and we're sure that her time as a student has given her invaluable insight into the challenges that students face. Better yet, she spends every day helping students along the path to achieving their own career aspirations.

The Accounting Technician Pathway for Bookkeepers will accelerate your accounting technician career by giving you student membership to the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Leanne gets the formal qualification to support her experience

Leanne had been working in accounting for most of her adult life - but never found the time to get a formal qualification.

'I could get away with this 25 years ago when everything was done with a calculator and a pencil but with the regulation changes in the accounting industry and a social change to be better up-skilled I could not afford to be left behind.'

This isn't at all uncommon for our students, many of whom come to us with considerable career experience, but need to gain something on paper that supports the knowledge that they already have. It's also an amazingly useful tool to discover any gaps in the knowledge or update their skills to the latest in their industry.

After some searching, Leanne found that The Career Academy was a perfect fit for her needs. 'They offered me the exact qualification I was after at a super competitive price and offered learning at my own pace.' She says. Self-paced learning is perfect for our students who are already established in a career and don't have time to take hours out of their working week to attend lectures and tutorials, not to mention saving the commute time going to and from a physical location to study.

It wasn't long before Leanne had achieved her ambition and completed the Certificate in Bookkeeping. 'More than just gaining a certificate, the satisfaction did wonders for my self-confidence. Now I really do feel I am part of an industry club. I'm being recognised by my peers as an equal. The confidence I gained then encouraged me to take the next step and I quickly enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Accounting.'

Leanne isn't the first student to carry on to our more advanced courses, as many discover that they want to continue to grow their skills - either because they want to continue their career progression or simply because they've been bitten by the learning bug and don't want to stop.

It's amazing to see students like Leanne achieving career success with us. 'I can't speak highly enough about the platform The Career Academy offers, The Career Academy has enabled me to gain personal development on a level I could only dream about one year ago.'

Leanne completed both the Certificate in Bookkeeping and the Diploma in Accounting.

Amali doesn't get psyched out

Many of our students are already seeking out education when they come to us, but Amali just happened to stumble across The Career Academy when she saw us on Facebook. Her interest was piqued, and she decided to do some further research.

'The ability to study online and in my own time was really appealing.' Amali says. 'It enabled me to complete the course within just a few months which was great.' This isn't uncommon for our students, as self-paced truly means self-paced, and some students end up moving through their courses faster than the duration which we have on the websites.

Initially, she enrolled in the Diploma in Psychology for two reasons; the first was to help her become a better leader, and the second was as a way of dipping her toes into the subject to see if she had a deeper interest in Psychology. To her delight, the course ended up giving her even more than she expected.

'The course really sparked a huge connection with me for furthering Psychology which I never knew I had. I also was able to attend 2 days of the Psychology Society conference due to receiving The Career Academy Top of Class award. This was 2 days of total geeking out on a fabulous event. I loved every minute of the event, and this has made me want to further my education even more.'

We wish Amali the best of luck in her Psychology journey!

Ashley discovers her new passion

Hospitality was a real passion for Ashley, but after 5 years of experience in the industry and working her way up to Café Manager, she found she was getting itchy feet. It was time for a change.

'Boredom was a real problem for me, and I felt like it was the same thing day in, day out. She says. 'This is when I decided to look for an online course. I had no idea what I wanted to study, and thought looking at the options may help me see more of what was out there. That's when I stumbled onto the Medical Terminology and Administration course!'

A big part of the appeal for Ashley was flexibility. She was still working as a Café Manager when she enrolled so needed to be able to fit her study around the time she needed to pay the bills. 'I was working full time at that time and loved how flexible it could be, completely catered to my needs. I loved being able to pick up my laptop and study for as long or little as I wanted. Whether it was late night or early morning. A half hour or a whole day, the course was at my fingertips whenever I was ready to pick it back up. Having the deadlines helped massively with any procrastination I had. It gave me incentive to get ahead a bit more if I knew I had a particularly busy week coming up!' She goes on to say.

It wasn't just the flexibility of study that helped Ashley make her final decision - The Career Academy's $25 a week payment plans were also a big factor. 'The payment plan you provided was so helpful and eliminated any type of financial worry I previously had.' She adds.

Almost immediately, Ashley knew she'd made the right choice by pursuing the Medical Reception and Terminology . 'It was very well structured and easy to understand, considering it is such a complex subject! It gave you the freedom to do your own research, as deep as you wanted to go.'

Only 5 months after she had completed her course Ashley made the transition to the medical industry. 'The Medtech guidance was amazing, and made it so easy to pick up once starting. That was the best part about having a hard copy of all the coursework - I could go back after starting work and brush up where needed! It also made it so much easier to communicate with the doctors and patients in a professional and informed way. I never felt like I didn't know what to say or what was being said. I genuinely can't imagine what it would have been like had I not done this course!'

Better yet, during her studies Ashley started to notice something that she hadn't had in her hospitality job for some time - passion.

'It was the particular module regarding female reproduction that I found super interesting, and have since decided because that my next step will definitely be to go to University and study Midwifery. Doing this course unlocked something inside of me that I never realised was there. I thought I wasn't smart enough to have a career in the medical field, but after this course I realised that I was so very wrong, and I am just too fascinated in it to deny perusing it. I'm excited for the future and what it might hold. I have The Career Academy to thank for that, 100%.'

We wish Ashley the best of luck in her journey!

Jill Locks Down Her Future

Like a lot of our students, Jill found us during the lockdown. 'My husband and I were living on the road travelling around this beautiful country, doing all sorts of work.' She says.

Unfortunately, when the COVID pandemic began in 2020 and New Zealand went into lockdown, it made sightseeing a little more difficult.

'During COVID lockdown I needed something to keep me busy, while I was unable to continue with my current work.' She says. Instead of just watching TV, she decided to do something a little more productive and got in touch with several education providers with the intention of upskilling. The Career Academy's student advisors were the first to get in touch (they're always eagerly waiting by the phones) and answered all of the questions that Jill had. With her options thoroughly researched, she decided that The Career Academy was right for her and enrolled in the Certificate in Bookkeeping. The Certificate in Bookkeeping is designed to take students from no experience to qualified bookkeepers in only 140 hours of study. It also gives six months free access to MYOB and access to the Official Xero Advisor Certification, so they can learn the tools of the trade while studying.

'Studying online, at my own pace worked perfectly for me. As I studied during lockdown this worked, well. I could stop and go for a walk or do some work around the farm.' She says. 'Having previously studied and worked in Australia it was interesting to learn the NZ side of bookkeeping.'

'I feel there is always an opportunity to increase your knowledge, especially when rules and regulations are forever changing.'

Jill studied the Certificate in Bookkeeping which allows you to become a qualified bookkeeper in just 10 weeks.