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Start a hospitality and tourism career with our hospitality and tourism online courses. Earn a certificate or diploma, understand how a hotel operates - or start a wedding planning business. Learn hospitality and tourism policies, or explore various hotel services. Enrol today to upskill for a fun future.

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We know you are a pro when it comes to keeping those plates spinning, but have you discovered the benefits of event management as a career? The Career Academy event management course rewards your natural talent with certification that could open some exciting doors.
Discover your potential with hospitality and tourism Work towards a career in the tourism and hospitality industry with this Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism. Explore the option of working as a travel agent, bartender, or hotel manager.
Gain a Certificate to add to your portfolio, plus plan your business for success. Receive expert guidance from Business Coaches on how to start and manage your new business. Learn the essential skills needed to work in the wedding and event management industries.
Turn your romantic streak into a winning streak Begin an online wedding planning course Ireland-wide that covers the process from planning, through programme management, all the way to ensuring the venue is packed up correctly at the end of the big day.
Launch your career in travel & tourism Learn about travel and tourism management towards a career in hotel management, tour operations, event management and planning and a wide variety of other exciting businesses.
A comprehensive hotel management certificate that encompasses crucial aspects of quality, sales, labour utilisation, materials, maintenance, and financial controls. Discover basic hotel operations and maintenance records, explore different forms of in-house service, and learn how to deal with customer complaints and staff grievances correctly.
Grasp the future you want with wedding and event management courses that deliver a great mix of skills and information. From concept planning through staging your event and into the early hours when it’s time to pack down, good wedding and event planning courses account for the entire package.
Find your way to success with hospitality Choose a hospitality industry pathway and open up a career in hospitality Ireland-wide – or take on the world. This pathway includes a comprehensive look at starting a business in hospitality, industry norms.


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The Institute of Hospitality endorses the Career Academy Diploma in Travel & Tourism. It combines four travel, tourism and hospitality courses into one Diploma, offering a great way to upskill fast while saving you money.
Yes. The Career Academy offers a variety of practical online tourism courses to help you succeed. All courses come with expert guidance and unlimited tutor support.
The Certificate in Event Management is a great first step toward a career in event management. This course is perfect for those wanting to start their own business, run corporate events – or work in the industry. 

With the Event Management & Wedding Planning Business Pathway, you can learn what it takes to start a business or work for a bridal consultancy or wedding venue. 

For those students wanting to start a wedding planning business, the Wedding Planning Business Pathway provides the information you need to get started. 

A Certificate in Wedding Planning will equip you with the knowledge you need to work towards a successful career as a Wedding Planner.
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