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Explore The Career Academy’s online leadership and management courses, perfect for advancing your career in Ireland. Our courses cover business management, event planning, and team leadership, tailored for your professional growth. Enjoy flexible learning from industry experts and join a network of professionals striving for management excellence.

Create great teams and push personnel to the best of their abilities. Human resource management or HR, manages the relationship between people and the organisation they work in. It includes responsibility for recruitment, training programs and staff performance.
Gain the Payroll knowledge you need to stand out from the crowd with our accredited Diploma in Payroll. Further enhance your payroll skills, enabling you to pursue a career in the payroll sector.
Advanced-level management course, learn the advanced theories & concepts of successful management. Gain an employer recognised qualification to boost your CV. Receive comprehensive tutor support to help with any questions.
Anger affects us all. Whether it’s the pressures of work, family life, or just having something go wrong during the day, anger is a fundamental part of being human. But in some cases this anger can be detrimental to people’s lives.
Project management is a critical function of any organisation. Delays not only cause frustration, they cost valuable time and money. Therefore, a good project manager is critical to the running of any company, from the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations.
Introductory-level course for business owners. Receive 1-to-1 mentoring from an expert business coach. Develop your business plan and set up the perfect business structure in just 16 weeks.
A comprehensive hotel management certificate that encompasses crucial aspects of quality, sales, labour utilisation, materials, maintenance, and financial controls. Discover basic hotel operations and maintenance records, explore different forms of in-house service, and learn how to deal with customer complaints and staff grievances correctly.
We know you are a pro when it comes to keeping those plates spinning, but have you discovered the benefits of event management as a career? The Career Academy event management course rewards your natural talent with certification that could open some exciting doors.
Learn the foundation theories and concepts of successful management. Get an insight into organisational structures and problem solving techniques. Gain a solid understanding of employing people and managing staff.
Grasp the future you want with wedding and event management courses that deliver a great mix of skills and information. From concept planning through staging your event and into the early hours when it’s time to pack down, good wedding and event planning courses account for the entire package.
Learn a broad range of business disciplines valuable for your professional development. Gain valuable skills in practical accounting, management, marketing and IT. Get a real understanding of how to build an effective team, manage projects and convert website visits to leads.
Learn proven & practical skills to develop a business plan and market your business, acquire new clients, increase sales & profit, and set your business up for success & save time.Learn proven & practical skills to develop a business plan and market your business, acquire new clients, increase sales & profit, and set your business up for success & save time.’
Gain a Certificate to add to your portfolio, plus plan your business for success. Receive expert guidance from Business Coaches on how to start and manage your new business. Learn the essential skills needed to work in the wedding and event management industries.


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Absolutely. Online management courses offer flexibility, a diverse range of options, and are cost-effective. They provide a convenient way to gain essential knowledge and skills needed for success in the world of business management. The courses are also recognised and Industry accredited, ensuring they meet quality standards​

If you’re eager to enhance your Management and Team Leadership skills and advance your career, then a Diploma in Management & Team Leadership is a great way to start.
The Certificate in Management Fundamentals can help you fast-track your career. It will provide you with a solid base of Management Fundamentals to help you succeed.
The Certificate in Business Management will teach you fundamental business management knowledge. You’ll learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure, understand financial reporting and taxation requirements, and grasp the principles of marketing and social media principles. This online course is ideal for those starting or managing a small business.
You’ll learn skills that could help you advance your career and allow you to apply for management or more senior roles.
The Diploma in Management & Team Leadership will elevate your chances for success when applying for management positions. Adding this diploma to your CV will demonstrate to employers that you have capabilities useful in a managerial role.

Yes, The Career Academy offers fully online and flexible management courses that can be pursued part-time, allowing you to balance your studies with work and other commitments​

Students in The Career Academy’s online management courses receive comprehensive support to enhance their learning experience. This includes:

  • Access to Expert Tutors: Students can interact with experienced professionals who provide insights and guidance throughout the course.
  • Flexible Study Options: Courses are designed for flexible learning, allowing students to study at their own pace and according to their schedules.
  • Interactive Learning Materials: The courses include a variety of multimedia elements, such as videos and interactive quizzes, to make the learning process engaging and effective.
  • 1-to-1 Mentoring (for specific courses): Some courses, like the Certificate in Business Management, offer personal mentoring from expert business coaches.
  • Comprehensive Course Resources: Online access to course materials and resources ensures students have everything they need to succeed in their studies.

    These support systems are designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience, helping students achieve their professional goals in the field of management.