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The evidence is in the piece of paper!

Applying for a job requires a special set of skills. 

It is easy to forget how challenging it is to be a job seeker if you’re fortunate enough to have been in steady and consistent employment for a number of years. It is only when you find yourself looking for work or wanting a change that you realise how applying for a job is a skill in itself.

A common requirement when you are applying for a job or promotion is that you provide evidence of required skills. This can be difficult to articulate in a resume or cover letter, but can be easily remedied if you have undertaken study to extend and update your skills.

Most companies have a professional development budget and while it is important for any business to invest in its workforce, it is equally important for individuals to invest in themselves.

There is no doubt that employers value experience, but actual knowledge, skills and the ability to apply what you have learned in the workplace is equally valuable.

If you are looking for a job in a particular industry, or you are working toward the next step in your career, it is worth looking at job ads for similar roles. Tick off the strengths you already have, and once you have an overview of the gaps in your “evidence”, you can choose the course that you need to achieve your goal and win that job or promotion you have been dreaming about!


Up skill for success

For job seekers who may have limited experience or have a lot of experience, but not the most current skills, undertaking a course not only illustrates self motivation, but also provides that all important evidence that is asked for in a job advertisement.