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Education has come a long way from writing on chalkboards within the confines of a classroom to having all of the world’s knowledge accessible to anyone with a phone or computer. The technological advancement of the 1980s is most remembered for the invention of the internet, thus bringing forth a new age of online education. Although this concept was scantily used back then, it has become a cornerstone of learning globally, thanks to the widespread use of the internet.

Technological advancement has not just popularized online education; it has made it the mainstream, making it accessible to millions of people worldwide. The history of online education can sometimes seem too complex to grasp, so in this article, we will explain its evolution in order to help you understand the origin and future of this entire concept.

How it All Started

The entire concept of online education can be traced back to the 1960s, when the first computer-based education program was launched. This program was initially developed for students of the University of Illinois but was later adopted by other learning institutions throughout the region. Back then, online learning programs were only designed to provide information to students.

Online Learning Today

Today, with the ever-evolving technology, online education models and approaches keep growing and becoming even more advanced. As a result, most online courses offer more interactive learning experiences and real-time communication with students through email. Subsequently, online learning has increasingly become popular for students looking to study online and for businesses and organizations to teach new members work procedures and deliver staff updates.

In the past few decades, online education has evolved to offer flexibility in many ways. Students can now learn at their own pace while coordinating their own schedules. E-learning also caters to different learning styles through various teaching methods and virtual tools. It also allows online courses to be tailored to meet individual needs, something that the traditional approach has not previously accommodated.

Future of Online Education

Although there is no solid evidence that online education would entirely replace traditional learning, however there is substantial proof that the number of learners expected to have at least one online certificate will significantly grow in the coming decade. This also makes education accessible and achievable for people who may have discovered that they don’t work well in the traditional classroom setting.

Furthermore, this concept makes courses and information readily available, with all-online schools such as The Career Academy increasing in popularity. As this concept expands, things like mobile learning, cloud-based solutions, and virtual learning are gaining popularity and will eventually be included in traditional learning. As a result, education will vastly become digitized.

Start Studying Online Today

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