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After your job interview

Don’t put your feet up just yet! The interview might be over however there are still a few more things to consider.

Write a follow up email to the interviewer thanking them for their time. You can also use this opportunity to provide additional information you have been asked for, or may have forgotten to mention.

Note down the questions you were asked, so you can practice appropriate answers to use in future or in any follow up interviews.
If you are successful, find out any necessary information such as your proposed starting date, IRD & bank account details, or essential items for your first day.

Make sure to check your contract, and give your existing employer the required amount of notice.

Read through your new contract to make sure you agree with the terms set out. This is the time to discuss certain restrictions you may want or to negotiate your wage/salary.

Gain a qualificationReflect and review

Take time to reflect on your performance. Analyse areas you could work on for future interviews. If you are unsuccessful, ask the interviewer for some feedback on your performance and areas for improvement.