Certificate in Careers Counselling

Understand Career Counselling

The Certificate in Career Counselling will give you the skills to help others grow, change, and manage their careers as a professional career counsellor. Whether you are already a career counsellor, looking to find a role as one, or aiming to start your own career counselling business, this course will teach you the fundamentals of career counselling and help you to organise your own resources so that you are better able to help job seekers.

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How you'll benefit

  • Help people make sound career decisions and set career goals, to help them find meaningful employment.
  • Distinguish successful from unsuccessful careers, and prepare for anticipated changes in the workplace.
  • Identify and meet the needs of inexperienced adults or those facing career change.
  • Describe the need to nurture and grow a career and plan for change.
  • Role play a counselling session to practise and evaluate your skills in helping a client with an issue
  • Plan strategies to assist young and adult clients deal with common and important identified issues.

Course Modules

  • Definitions: career, careers counselling, counselling
  • Broad employment options
  • Services offered in the employment industry
  • Assmptions about career counselling practices
  • Cross cultural careers counselling
  • Introduction
  • Elements of career building and job seeking
  • Factors contributing to career success
  • Realistic expectations
  • Range of options
  • Persistence
  • Case study
  • Employer considerations: qualifications, experience,personality, age, adaptability, productivity, etc
  • Case study
  • Career counselling services
  • Careers and vocational guidence
  • Vocational planning
  • Setting goals
  • Job seeking supportJob seeking strategies
  • Other services
  • Key areas for career counselling
  • Helping clients focus on reality
  • Helping clients identify opportunities
  • Helping clients consider all elements
  • Overcoming resistance from clients
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Essential reality checks
  • Improving clients predictive ability
  • Why people come to a career counsellor
  • Strategies to develop trust
  • A career counselling session
  • Individuals who know the job they want
  • Psychometric testing for individuals still choosing a career
  • Types of psychological tests that may be used
  • Referring people elsewhere
  • Understanding youth
  • Career counselling for adolescents
  • Assisting indecisive teenagers
  • Career counselling for students
  • Giving advice on study
  • Choosing a course
  • Workshops for students
  • Workshops for university students
  • Resources for counselling students
  • Identifying adult needs The training program
  • Advice and support during job hunting
  • Course of action
  • Career changing
  • Easiest paths to career change
  • Challenging path to career change
  • Starting a business
  • Case study
  • Writing a business plan
  • Ways of finding work
  • Supporting clients decisions
  • Prospecting for work
  • Tips on getting a job
  • Writing resumes (CV’s)
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Getting a job is only the first step in a career
  • Self management for business people
  • Marketing and pricing
  • Case study
  • Advising clients about career advancement

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