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Leanne’s story:

“I can’t speak highly enough about the platform The Career Academy offers and this has enabled me to gain personal development on a level I could only dream about one year ago.”



There’s so much to gain from getting formally qualified.

“I’m Leanne and a current student of The Career Academy. I’ve worked off and on in accounting most of my adult life. In difference to the commonly held view that it is not a terribly exciting job, I have enjoyed doing the books for an advertising agency whilst living in Zimbabwe, worked in London CBD for the UKs largest multi national company and I’m about to start my own book keeping business!

Leanne Jensen

One thing has always bugged me and that is I have never been formally qualified. I could get away with this 25 years ago when everything was done with a calculator and a pencil but with the regulation changes in the accounting industry and a social change to be better up skilled I could not afford to be left behind.

I discovered The Career Academy online and honestly couldn’t have been more excited. They offered me the exact qualification I was after at a super competitive price and offered learning at my own pace. Very soon I had achieved my ambition and completed my Certificate in Bookkeeping

More than just gaining a certificate, the satisfaction did wonders for my self-confidence. Now I really do feel I am part of an industry club. I’m being recognised by my peers as an equal. The confidence I gained then encouraged me to take the next step and I quickly enrolled in the Diploma of Accounting also with The Career Academy.”

The Leanne of 12 months ago is a totally different person to the Leanne of today.