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Hayden’s story

Hayden’s studying with The Career Academy has helped them set future goals


How did you hear about The Career Academy?

Due to unforeseen injuries through working I had the hard choice to redirect my skills. In doing so I needed to gain some new skills and the direction I would like to go in the future would be towards the animal side of things as that’s where I feel my passion is held. Since I have never studied before, I started searching the internet and found that the career academy was world widely known. I had tried calling a few different places and the only ones that returned my calls was the career academy, they were helpful at giving me a path way to begin my study.


Why did you choose your The Career Academy course?

I think what helped me make the choice to study under the career academy was the easy signing up to get started and the payment plan set ups, the process in getting started was not stressful.


How did you find the tutor and student services support throughout your time with us?

The service provided was to a high standard and I found the tutors very helpful and easy to understand.


Have you been able to make use of the information studied and learnt in your course? If so, how?

At this stage the courses are a big stepping stone towards a future in vet nursing for me, I feel like I’ve learnt so much from the courses I chose, and it has made me feel like I will have a future working with animals.


What’s your next step now you’ve graduated? What are you up to now?

I began by studying the course on animal health care, which I loved because of my passion and life has been all about animals. This course gave me a good insight to how to study and how I learn, my aim in the long term is to study vet nursing and this course showed me about a lot of what to be ready for.

After I passed that course I started the business administration course with the career academy because I felt that with the rise of technology and computer skills this would really challenge my ability to learn skills outside of my comfort zone as well as skills that might be needed if working in a vet clinic. At the Graduation event I was surprised and lucky that I got a Endeavor award for outstanding dedication in administration, and even more surprised that I got funding towards another course. I’m currently doing the diploma in dog care and dog grooming, and really enjoying it. My plans next year is to try get into animal welfare and then vet nursing.