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Writing a covering letter

A covering letter is your first opportunity to grab attention and make sure you stand out from other candidates.

Keep it relevant

Tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for, identifying the particular skills you can bring to the role. Highlight any relevant experience that would make you an asset, and show genuine enthusiasm and motivation.

Get your facts straight

Address your letter to the right person, include the date and identify the correct company. Include details from the advert description to show that you understand the position you are applying for.

Make a statement

Introduce yourself in a way that will make the reader take notice! If you think it to be true, tell them you’re the one for the job.

Don’t be afraid to mention your achievements and the skills that make you unique.

Since this is the first demonstration of your communication skills, proof reading is key! Read through your cover letter and check it for spelling or grammatical errors.

Keep it clear

Keep your covering letter neat and concise, making sure to use a legible font, such as Arial, at a decent type size. A great way to conclude your covering letting is by stating you look forward to meeting them in an interview.