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Beat procrastination!

Online study requires a different kind of motivation to classroom learning.

Some of us really have the knack for putting the ‘pro’ in procrastination! This can become all too easy when you’re learning online, so avoid leaving things until the last minute with these tips.

Avoiding a task?

Tackling the most challenging or time consuming task first can be a great way to keep on track. If you’re feeling stuck, make sure to contact your course tutor – they’re here to help!

Schedule time for study

Some students find making a study calendar and setting their own due dates means they treat distance learning as if it’s an actual classroom.

Others recommend setting aside a block of time every day to work through their course material. Let family and colleagues know when you’ll be studying to ensure there are no disruptions.

Beat procrastinationReduce distraction

Distractions can be found everywhere. Turn your phone off, put your tablet away and switch off the television and radio. Try setting a goal to reward yourself, such as “I will work through the first three tasks before I check my emails.”