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Brain boosters!

Temporarily boosting your energy levels with convenient but unhealthy snacks will only exhaust you further. 

Many of us can’t help but reach for quick, easy and unhealthy snack options when we are studying – because who has the time! But making sure you have a range of brain boosting snacks is a must, so here are some healthy food options to help your learning.

Pre Study Breakfast

Eggs on toast. Whether they’re scrambled, boiled or poached, eggs are an amazing brain food. Serve them with wholegrain toast for a solid high-fibre breakfast. If eggs aren’t your thing, swap them for some peanut butter. It contains healthy fats and lots of protein, and it tastes amazing!

Liquid gold

Water, water, water! Staying hydrated is the key to maintaining your concentration. Resist the urge to swap your water for an unhealthy sugar loaded alternative!


It’s a no brainer that fruits and vegetables are an excellent healthy alterme top snacking fruits are apples, bananas, avocadoes and berries. They contain fructose and healthy sugars for a natural energy boost. For a treat, have a mix of nuts, seeds and even a bit of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has been found to increase the flow of blood to the brain and even lower blood pressure!