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Interview Preparation – 5 Easy Steps For Success

Published 4th April, 2023

Interview Preparation - 5 Easy Steps For Success

Interviews are not something most people look forward to. They can be awkward and sweat-inducing, leaving you upset or disappointed by your performance.

Unfortunately, there is no getting around it; if you want the job, you must ace the interview. While that may feel like a lot of pressure, the trick is treating interview preparation as an opportunity to upskill.

When you are getting ready for a performance or a sports game, you put in the work, so if you want to know how to prepare for an interview, two words sum it up – preparation and practice.

Read on for interview preparation tips and learn how the team at the Career Centre can help you get the interview to begin with!


1. You Must Have A Professional CV

Tip number one. You will not get an interview that you can prepare and practice for if you don’t have a decent CV. Job hunting is like a competitive sport, and the people who get the ball over the line are the ones who train and are playing with the right equipment.

So what makes up a professional CV? You start with accurate personal details, this section should be brief, and nowadays, it’s a good idea to include a link to your LinkedIn profile. The prospective employer needs to know your name, email, phone number and where you are located – a region and a postcode are fine.

You must include your work history, educational achievements and any prizes or awards you have received. You should also write a solid personal statement that lets the employer see why you are a good fit for this particular role.

If your CV is outdated, doesn’t point itself toward the specific job you are shooting for, or you simply don’t have one – we can help. Every student enrolled at The Career Academy gets exclusive access to our Career Centre – you can access it through the Totara learning portal.

Ask about our free professional CV templates for a CV that gets noticed for the right reasons.

ATS Friendly CV Example

2. Have Your CV Checked!

Sometimes when trying to make something perfect, we tend to get too close to it, leading to missing errors. You can’t afford to show up on someone’s desktop with spelling or grammar mistakes, so you must get someone who knows what they are doing to cast an eye over your CV before you hit send.

A particular format will be best for your professional CV, allowing your achievements and capabilities to shine through. You want to give the reader a document that is easy to read, and you need your CV to have that all-important factor – flow.

At the Career Centre, our helpful staff can look at your CV and recommend improvements. Giving yourself the best chance of success with potential employers makes sense, and Interview preparation is essential, so take advantage of this free service available to all students enrolled with The Career Academy.

3. Connect With The Right Job Listings

The internet can be incredibly helpful when it comes to your job search; however, there are a few things you need to look out for when you start your online job hunt. Aside from your name, email address and phone number, very few employers should expect further details from you at the first step in an application process.

While a government job may ask for a photo ID for some positions, you mustn’t share these details online unless you are sure the job advertisement is 100% reputable. Also, as a rule, no employer should request images or ask for bank account numbers.

While there may be exceptions to this rule, it’s essential to protect yourself from online fraud when looking for work. While we provide all our students with tips on how to practice interview skills – we also provide links to job boards you can trust. So if you want to avoid dodgy internet scams, it may be best to pop into our Career Centre when you are ready to send off your polished CV.

4. Put Your Best Face Forward

At The Career Academy, we think it’s important to dress for success! While many interviews have moved online over the last few years, job interview preparation tips focus mainly on face-to-face interviews.

Most people will understand the protocol regarding interview preparation for an onsite interview. However, it pays to think about how you will arrive when your interview is taking place online.

Online work culture is certainly the butt of a few memes, and it may be that people all over the country are secretly working in their pyjamas. Still, for the best chance for success, you should consider how to prepare for a job interview in terms of a head-to-toe strategy.

You will put your best face forward if you feel relaxed and confident. So dress in a smart outfit, fix your hair and, hot tip, wear a pair of good shoes. As part of your interview preparation, dressing for a business environment will likely help you respond more formally.

5. Show Up Relaxed

If you need to download an app or teach yourself to use an online chat platform like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, or Zoom, you should practice opening the chat space before the interview.

Another good interview preparation tip from The Career Academy is to send a meeting invitation to a friend or family member, so you understand the process and don’t end up frantically trying to open your meeting app on the day.

For in-person interviews, pop the address into your maps before the day of the interview, check the travel time and tack on another 15 minutes. If anything happens on the roads or your bus is late, you can still make your interview on time.

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