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Boost your productivity
with colour!

Your brain loves colour! We all know that colour can affect our moods and appetite, but did you know that it can also affect your productivity and concentration?

BLUE affects your mind. If your brain is hard at work all day, then the calming affects of the colour blue will make you more productive. Blue is also said to soothe by lowering your heart rate.

YELLOW affects your emotions. This is a colour that will fuel your creativity and inspire new ideas. It is also said to make you more optimistic and heighten your spirits.

RED affects your body. A warm and encouraging colour, it is said to energise and incite, giving you a boost of energy while studying! It’s also a great colour to use when studying something difficult to remember, as words written in red are more vibrant and appealing to the eye.

GREEN affects your balance. Many people find that studying in the outdoors provides them with a calm and reassuring environment, allowing them to take in and retain more information.

ColourLearn with colour

When note-taking, differentiate topics by drawing a mind map or other visual aid. Use different colours in each section to stimulate the creative part of your brain and help you visually separate different topics.