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Learning online lets you work at a pace and time that suits you best, however self-motivation is key as it can be all too easy to put study off until later. Download our study planner to record your goals and organise your week. With a little planning you’ll soon be well on the way to achieving your goals!

Look at your current schedule

Assess how you currently spend your time and block out any fixed commitments. You may find there are some activities that can be cut back until your finish your course. Make sure to accept any offers of help from your workplace, friends or family.Set study goals

Set both short and long term study goals to boost your motivation and ensure you keep making progress. Stay realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have available and make sure to reward yourself with some time out.

Make a timetable

Allocate time for important things including study. Schedule study for times when you are likely to be rested and mentally alert. Don’t forget to allow some time for breaks; this will help keep your concentration and motivation levels up.Establish good habits

A study plan works best if you follow it consistently. Having goals and a study routine will help you power through when you’re busy, tired or feeling unmotivated.





For more study support, check out our fantastic resources on Moodle when you log in. Remember, our tutors are experts and they’re here to help! Please send us an email if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Best of luck with your study!


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