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This course will introduce you to the theories of child development in relation to adolescents. You’ll discuss adolescence within the context of current society, examine two fundamental theories of human development, and compare the two theories in relation to the development of adolescents.

This course will introduce you to life crises in relation to adolescent. You’ll understand what puberty entails socially and the physical effects it can have on the human body, the common problems adolescents can experience during puberty and the core principles of Bowlby’s Attachment theory and Ainsley’s Attachment theory.

This course will introduce you to the physical changes that occur in puberty. You’ll get a detailed look at the hormones responsible for puberty in both boys and girls, and the physical effects they have on the body, the effect certain factors can have on the onset of puberty.

This course will look at the intellectual changes that occur in adolescence. It will discuss elements of Piaget’s stage of Formal Operations and the relationship between behaviour changes in the adolescent and cognitive development, and introduce the Nine C’s of Decision Making when evaluating the decision process. It also looks into why bullying and school problems occur and how these issues can be dealt with.

This course will look at the emotional development that occurs during adolescence. It will discuss Freud’s five stages of development and define the various defence mechanisms, emotional problems in teenagers and how they affect the body physically and psychologically, and look at grief, and family.

This course will discuss sexuality during adolescence, including the difference between gender identity and sex role identity. It will look at the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of gender identity disorders, as well as key factors affecting sexually active teenagers. You’ll also be introduced to the challenges that can face LGBT teenagers, and how to help them.

This course provides an introduction to the social development that occurs in adolescence. You’ll understand the influence that parents and family have on the social development of an adolescent and how these relationships may change. You’ll also look at the influence peers have on social development, including group acceptance and popularity, shyness and loneliness, and discuss why adolescents date.

This course will take a deep dive into the theories of moral development in relation to teenagers, including the stages in Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s theories on moral development, the similarities, differences and effectiveness of the two main theories of moral development. You’ll also develop an understanding of factors that influence an adolescent’s moral development, and parental discipline techniques.

This course will introduce the changes that occur moving from adolescence to adulthood, discussing Erikson’s latter stages of development, the key terminology associated with the development into adulthood and the theories on vocational development and the influential factors on career choice. You’ll also have a chance to describe the transition into adulthood in your culture.

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